Audrey Paige Boyd

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Audrey Paige in 3-D

Audrey's profile, you can see her shoulder too
Audrey's feet and legs
hopefully she will have her daddy's long legs
2 hands and face
you can see her hand and face. her nose is smushed against
my uterus, she doesn't really have a pig nose.
She looks like she is waving here. Again she is
right against my uterine wall. So her nose looks
like a pig.
She is just like her mom in this picture,
sucking her thumb.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Audrey's room

Audrey's Room- just needs a coat of paint!! Lee can't wait to paint again :)

Uncle Lee and Madyson

So Cute!! Lexi doesnt like the camera but Madyson does. Lexi was trying to get away!!! She talks about Uncle Lee all the time but gets shy when she is around him. Doesnt make much sense.

Visit to Philadelphia

Well, I had a blast visiting with old friends!!! BUT it wasn't all fun. After we got back from eating dinner with friends in meridian, Jhaun and I stopped by her fiance's house so I could see it. We were parked in front of his house. We were inside maybe 5 min when we heard a loud crash. We ran outside to find my car had been hit and pushed into Jhaun's and the crazy person who did it speeding away!!!!!!! Here are a few pictures of our cars. Hopefully they will find whoever did it or they will grow a conscious and turn themselves in.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Basketball fun

Lee, Russ and Landon and a bunch of their buddies got together and played basketball last Sunday. It was very entertaining to watch. They realized how out of shape they really were, but they had a blast. Here is just a glimpse of last Sunday.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Power Thanksgiving 2009

Only missing a few Erin, Lesley and Lee

1st Pregnancy Pic

20 weeks pregnant

Catching up

Well, I will start by giving everyone an update about what has been going on in our lives the past few months. Until recently, Lee and I were living in Philadelphia, MS and Lee was an assistant coach at Neshoba Central. We loved it there and met some really great people and hopefully some life long friends. While in Philadelphia, Lee and I started making plans to add to our family. We tried for a little over a year to get pregnant. We quickly learned that our plan was not on the same time table as God's. In June, we got the opportunity to move home. The Lord has been blessing us sooooooo much. We were able to sell our house in Philadelphia within the first few days on the market. We moved home in August and found out shortly after that that we were expecting our first child due April 12th. I got a job at Baptist back in labor and delivery. In September we bought a house. We are still trying to get everything painted and put in the correct place. We found out about a week ago that we are having a GIRL. Lee is very excited to get to paint another room. (HA HA!!) Well, that is just a quick run down of our very recent past.

New Blogger

I have finally decided to enter the world of blogging. I am very new at this so it may take me awhile to get the hang of it.