Audrey Paige Boyd

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Easter

Hopefully this will be our last family photo without Audrey in our arms!

Diaper/Wipe Closet

The baseball team gave us a diaper/wipes shower also.

This is our diaper and wipe closet. Hopefully we wont be

buying any diapers or wipes for a long time. Thank you everyone.

Sunday School Shower

Delicious strawberry cake!!! Mmmmmmmm!
This was our Sunday School diapers and wipes shower.

Baby Showers Cont.

Gift table

Just an upclose peek and some of the gifts

All my hostesses along with me and my mom

Me and Mom

This cake was delicious!!

Beautiful cake and punch table.
This was my church shower at Fairview. We
got so much great stuff. Thank you everyone!

More Baby Showers

Kristi, Holli and Lauren gave me a great shower. It was sooooo good to see all of my out of town friends again. Thank you everyone for coming and for the gifts